List of metrics

Agile Tools will provide a number of metrics grouped into four Key Value Areas. The list is comprehensive but by no means complete as the library will continue to grow. Each Key Value Area (KVA), you might as well call… Continue Reading →

How well is your Product Backlog maintained?

According to Scrum Guide the Product Backlog is defined as an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in the product. It is the single source of requirements for any changes to be made to the product…. Continue Reading →

Team stability

Let me start with a statement – based on my 20+ years of experience: The Team is like a nuclear reactor – it can create enormous power output resulting in god-like outcome – electricity in every home! Or, it can… Continue Reading →

Ability to prioritize

Owning and maintaining a Product Backlog comes with quite some responsibility. If you are a Product Owner then you are familiar with day-to-day decisions about the content and the order of the work. Which User Story is more valuable for… Continue Reading →

Releasable Product Increments?

One of the expectations of implementing Scrum is the ability to create potentially releasable increments in every iteration. This implies testing User Stories in the same Sprint as they are being developed. Scrum has changed our approach not only in… Continue Reading →

Agile Tools Prologue

Our mission is to help software organizations to benchmark their current state of business agility and improve it by guiding to areas of possible improvement on a journey to a successful customer and product oriented organization. We are a micro company/startup… Continue Reading →