Set Goals!

We have reached a major milestone with this release of Agile Tools. We set a goal, an objective, for ourselves, and now we are enabling you to do the same, with a little help from our product. Agile Tools is… Continue Reading →

Products & Teams

Another increment was just released! Up until now, you could play with only one predefined Product and one predefined Team. That would cover only tiny software shops. Now, with this release, a podium is set for larger organizations that are… Continue Reading →

Our Why

We want to return to some of those early days’ ideas when Agile was born in 2001 at The Lodge at Snowbird. Kent Beck’s vision was to heal the damage between business and development. His vision was that with just… Continue Reading →

All four Key-Value Areas…

…of the Evidence-Based Management framework It is nice to celebrate small victories – it makes us stop for a moment, and in this short joyful period, each of us creates strong invisible team bonds. You also get to develop this… Continue Reading →

Ability to Innovate Reloaded

As the title might suggest the latest release brings a new perspective to an already existing Ability to Innovate (A2I) Key Value Area, hence – reloaded. We worked hard through several cycles in pursuit of our mission bringing Agile Tools… Continue Reading →

Agile Tools Prologue

Our mission is to help software organizations to benchmark their current state of business agility and improve it by guiding to areas of possible improvement on a journey to a successful customer and product oriented organization. We are a micro company/startup… Continue Reading →