Our mission is to help software organizations to benchmark their current state of business agility and improve it by guiding to areas of possible improvement on a journey to a successful customer and product oriented organization.


We are a micro company/startup from Slovenia, TeamPoolz, an experienced team of 7, with some history of delivering products on the market, backed-up by co-founder of one of the most successful startups in our region (Outfit7, Talking Tom, exit for $1bn).

The business world is reshaping with an ever increasing speed. Staying lean is difficult, becoming such is even more challenging.

Tired of looking for KPIs?

In years of cooperating with companies I saw numerous attempts to measure activities to better understand where the processes need to improve.

We believe we can offer a SaaS product Agile Tools to reduce the friction of transition in software companies by offering a digital coach as a compass of progress.

The correct or at least better interpretation of metrics is necessary, but most of all “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” is of paramount value.

Combining the right tooling with superior coaching is, we believe, the right path to take. We are not known in Agile community, but have been practicing scrum and kanban for years with great success which is mirrored in our products. Hopefully the next one will be Agile Tools – we have made a teaser release available at https://agile-tools.io in attempt to probe the market.

Get insight into organization’s Business Agility

In free Beta we would like to demonstrate the principles of what is to come. In its core, Agile Tools is a Business Intelligence tool building on Evidence-based Management knowledge and techniques. It will allow a business customer representative to enter data by hand or provide the data via API for selected Key Performance Indicators to visualize the state of agility in various parts of organization and join all 4 key value areas into a single number which will reflect the current state – Business Agility Points – a focused report for a business owner or C-level managers.

We would love to hear your opinion! Stay cool & be lean!